In this third day post election, we remain committed to fortify, strengthen and resource movements so that together we can build bigger and more powerfully towards liberation, and so we can win.
Yesterday, the generative somatics (gs) staff gathered in the gs office and we could feel you – our communities – with us inside of an intense and complex collective grab*. The ground we are on has not changed – white supremacy, xenophobia, islamophobia, misogyny, neo-liberalism, ableism, etc. – but the pressures have been turned up. We feel heavy underneath them.
At gs, we are called to respond to this moment with love and rigor, with vision and action.
Today, we are holding the election results inside the continuity of a larger vision. The pressures we are feeling right now are the pressures we train for. And when these pressures come, we double down and look to act from center, from commitments and skill. We must reclaim our inherent dignity as people of color, indigenous people, working people, queer people, disabled people, people who want much more than either political party is offering us. And, we must keep training.
gs methodology/somatics tends to the impacts of collective trauma on our bodies and spirits. Somatics reveals to us that when we initiate action from a place of being weighed down or triggered by those impacts, we are not our most powerful selves. In our Somatic work together, we become connected to a sense of freedom that makes space for possibility, dignity, connection and vision. And when we can source from that place, we can do what we were put here to do, and initiate our most powerful actions together.
We are full heartedly commited to the most powerful contribution we can make in social and environmental justice movements — developing embodied leadership and facilitating healing and transformation toward freedom, possibility, and powerful collective action. We are committed to supporting all of us to become the most powerful, alive, and connected versions of ourselves. We are committed to supporting the endurance, agility and resource that will be needed to sustain this next big piece of collective work for liberation and justice.
These next weeks are about assessing this new moment, its challenges and leverage points, staying connected, getting organized, and being precise. These next years will be about how we organize, as much as what we organize toward. We have an opportunity to take our collective grief and rage, built up over many years before this moment, and leverage its power toward a more connected, more strategic, more visionary movement for our collective liberation. We have an opportunity to not collapse under this pressure, but to instead use our skill to get centered and smart to this pressure. On the streets – we are with you. In building leaders – we are with you. In this long, protracted struggle – we are with you.
Freedom Fighter, Assata Shakur’s words remind us this has always been our calling –
It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our chains.
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